Monday, 15 April 2013

It's Warming up

Temperatures are steadily rising and some interesting birds are being reported locally now. We have had Bearded Tit, Kittiwake, Black Necked Grebe, Arctic, Common and Sandwich tern and Redstarts making an appearance. Along with all three hirundines, though I still need a House Martin to complete my set. Being back at work after my holiday and being inundated with paperwork is not helping the birding.

I nice local tick was also reported on Sunday on our local stretch of the Coventry canal, in the shape of a Mandarin Duck. A pair in fact. They visit this area every year at about this time. Last year they even had an American Wood duck Drake with them.

I walked a good length of the Coventry canal at Amington early on Sunday morning. Taz as usual enjoyed the walk, I however was not that pleased as I didn't encounter the Mandarins.

Sunday afternoon, Pete contacted me to say he had sen them. I met with Pete and off we went again. We found them quickly and watched the male aggressively and very actively chasing away Mallard Drakes from his mate. He even took flight after them, disappearing from sight in pursuit and returning a few minutes later.

A beautiful pair of ducks I am always pleased to see.






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