Friday, 12 April 2013

Train to the Marshes

Great day birding today with Pete. £5.60 was the cost of a return ticket from Tamworth to Stafford. Then less than a 10 min walk found us on Staffordshire Wildlife Trusts, Doxey Marshes.


We had a great day exploring this gem of a reserve and fully intend returning soon.


On returning to Stafford centre, Pete told me of a "lunch for £1.00" establishment he was aware of. This needed further investigation. The advert.

The actual lunch.

To be honest, it wasn't bad, and I'm still alive and feel just fine.

We sat on the steps of the library to eat our gourmet lunch. Soon, we were joined by others wanting to share our £1.00 lunch.

They won me over, we shared lunch.

A very enjoyable day. Many Chiffchaff showing on the Marshes. I am already thinking about a return visit. £5.60 on the train is a great deal. Parking costs this if you take a car! From Tamworth Station to standing on Doxey Marsh in about 30 mins. A recommended day out.


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