Friday, 16 August 2013

Bird Fair 2013

I set off this morning Rutland Water bound, for Bird Fair 2013. I left Tamworth in torrential rain with roads flooded, and the rain stayed with me all the way to Rutland. I arrived at the advertised opening time of 9.00am, and still got caught in a traffic queue to gain entrance. The cars in front of me had already turned the field into mud a fest, and the rain kept coming.

It did stop for about half and hour, then kicked in again. By 11.45, I had seen what I wanted to see, spoken to who I wanted to talk to, and decided to leave rather than wait for conditions in the car park to deteriorate further. I was surprised to discover I had to leave the same way as I came in, against the flow of traffic. It wasn't too bad though. I headed over to the Lyndon side of Rutland to have a look at this years young Ospreys. The rain stopped, it brightened up and I hope the car parks over at the Bird Fair improved quickly?

The rain didn't deter the crowds, the place quickly filled up.



The Swarovski Stand

Ornithological Pornography


I was very impressed with the new ATX scopes and how they are designed to incorporate digiscoping as a function of the scope rather than an afterthought. Enjoyed playing with the equipment.

I saw the complete Manton Bay Family of Ospreys. The adult female spent time with the three juveniles around the nest and perches. The male, was way down the reservoir on a perch getting some peace and quiet. Whenever he was within sight of the young, they constantly screech and beg for food. So, they all thought he was off fishing, when in reality he was enjoying some quiet time.

Adult Female and one of this years young.


Adult Female and Youngster


Not bad pictures hand held with my Canon SX40 camera considering they were about 300 yards away.

I also enjoyed chatting with the Rutland Osprey Project volunteers in the hide. They were asking about my little Opticron GS52 ED scope. I let them view the Ospreys through it, and they were impressed. I even hand held my phone to the zoom eyepiece and took a snap, just to show them it was capable of distant record shots. This was 300 yards in very hazy conditions.

iPhone through scope


They were suitably impressed with lightness, compactness and image quality. I think most of them know they have carried their 80mm scopes down to the last hide. They took details of make and model, and I think Opticron will be hearing from them. Wonder if I can earn commission?


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