Thursday, 8 August 2013

Rock and Roller

Occasionally, its nice to go birding somewhere a little further afield, and Mrs Moocher and I have just returned from Norfolk.I always enjoy going to Norfolk, and the birding is spectacular. This year was no exception, with a very special bonus thrown in for good measure.We were walking around Cley Marshes trying to photograph a Rock Pipit when the text alert came through. European Roller showing well at Horsey.

This was a further 40 miles each way, but a European Roller couldn't be ignored. We were soon in the car and heading to Horsey.We arrived to find cars parked all over the place, I decided to park in the pub car park (Patrons only) but assured the landlord I would be frequenting his establishment later.

It was a longer than expected walk to the viewing area. First down a track alongside the pub, then a right turn and about a further mile on a sandy track.

Eventually, I reached an area with a few other birders, and they soon put me onto the bird. It was about 400 yards out perching on various fence posts. What an impressive bird, even more so in flight. I attempted to take pictures, waste of time really, facing into the sun, 400 yards away, heat haze, but I just wanted a record shot of the occasion. This was the best I could manage.

The views through the scope were very good. Trying to capture those images as a digital picture is so frustrating. Anyway, it looked like this.

After a good half hours observation and with the tick secured, I made my way back towards the car and the Nelsons Head Pub. After the walk in that heat, that pint barely touched the sides. I had to share some of it obviously

A great start to an enjoyable trip. A few days later on a scenic route back towards home, we called at RSPB Ouse Washes and another life tick in the form of a Blue Winged Teal was an excellent way to end our birding break.

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