Saturday, 10 August 2013

Local Gems.

It's been so quiet locally, that a sudden run of birds on my local sites has been very well received.

It started with Middleton's Great White Egret on Friday, then carried on into Saturday morning at two of my patches.

The first mooch of the morning was around Borrowpit Lake. Not an ideal venue for waders, but it gets the odd one drop in. This mornings surprise was a Common Sandpiper. It started off perched on the Jetty, then took flight. I tracked it across the pool and watched it land on a small gravel scrape adjacent to the car park. I got myself round there and managed a picture.



Then, it was off to pick up Pete, as we have decided to start getting serious with the Moors again now temperatures have cooled a little, access has improved, and Autumn migration is upon us.

We had a slow walk around, stopping off at one of our favoured bird spotting areas. There was quite a bit of bird activity, and we both scanned the area. It was well worth the effort when we located a pair of Spotted Flycatchers. What a result! Our first recording of the species on the Moor. We watched them for at least twenty minutes, and I attempted to get some record shots.

A very productive mornings birding.


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