Sunday, 25 August 2013

In the Shire

Been staying within Staffordshire and keeping an eye on what is dropping in as Autumn migration gets underway. The Moors are looking good, and I have now seen a Hobby over there twice. After the corn had been harvested, i also encountered two Hares. Always nice to see.

Hare on the Moors

An Otter was also sighted by Pete while fishing the river Anker, I have seen them here myself, but its been a while.

Viewing Downstream

An influx of Black Terns had me heading to Blithfield Reservoir, a place that is really getting under my skin. I really enjoy birding there. I managed to view the Black Tern from the Causeway.


Next Morning, walking around the Dosthill side of the RSPB Middleton reserve, Jon and I encountered a much more local Black Tern.


Sunday afternoon again saw me heading to Blithfeld looking for the reported Bar-Tailed Godwit that had been seen in Blythe Bay. Again, I was in luck and found the bird. It seemed to have a injury to its right leg and didn't want to put it to the ground. This caused it to flap its wings to keep balance as it moved, exposing its rump and giving no doubt it was indeed a Bar Tailed Godwit. It fed along the far bank marginal mud and even took flight and returned. Despite its injury, it seemed healthy enough.


On my return walk to the car, I stumbled upon a pair of Spotted Flycatchers. I attempted some pictures.

Without getting too close, I first took pictures through my GS52 ED Scope using my iPhone. About 40 yards away.

iPhone through GS52 Scope. 40 Yards

Then, I crept a little closer and used my Canon SX40 at full zoom to capture these great little birds.

Canon SX40
Canon SX40

I arrived back at the car and headed for home, I decided though to stop off at the Causeway as two Little Gulls had been reported. I didn't see the Little Gulls, but i was treated to a flyover by an Osprey. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


Looking for Hares at Sunset


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