Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Urban Birding

Had to go to Derby today, so thought I would take the opportunity to check out the nesting Peregrines I have been reading about. Peregrines have nested on the Cathedral since 2006 and it's amazing to think they are thriving in Derby City Center.

I arrived at about 10.15am and set my scope up to view the birds. Only one Peregrine was on view near the nest. The other was probably incubating the clutch of eggs, the fourth was laid on Saturday. Passers by stopped and looked up to see what I was so interested in. Soon, I was attracting quite a bit of interest. I started letting people look through my spotting scope, most were amazed.

These people live in Derby and some said they walk past the Cathedral every day. They didn't know there were Peregrines above their heads.

I told them that there are webcams on the nest and they can view them online at anytime. It would be nice to think some of the people that took an interest today will carry on taking an interest in their local breeding Peregrines.

All information and webcams can be found here.

The Peregrine on view was a little distant for my camera, so I took some pictures with my phone through my scope.

I even took a short video, again phone through scope. I don't know why, but my youtube videos don't seen to play in HD when viewed via my blog. To view in better quality HD Video

After nearly a hour, I packed up and headed off. I will be returning to see the young fledge. I intend going early, before too many people are about.


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