Sunday, 6 April 2014

Boys and Toys

Jon has his new Opticron MM3 Scope, and we met up this morning to test it out. I took my GS52ED along to use as a comparison, as this is the scope the MM3 is to be compared against.

Testing Testing

We went on the far side of the moors and alongside the Pigs lake. The Scoters were no longer in residence. It was a pretty quite morning, though we did see a few Yellowhammers and a Hare sitting tight in its form.


As we approached a hedgerow in a field, quite a distance from any water, a female Mallard flew up. Considering the location, we guessed she must have a nest there. She had, and was sitting 4 eggs.

Like an Angel, crying on my tongue


At dinner time a nice pub lunch and a pint went down well. Then, a few hours spent with the family and preparing my old Gortex jacket for another year. Then, it was back down the Moors.


Pete, Taz and I went to the area we saw Wheatears last year. No sign so far, but last year the large fields were ploughed and the Wheatears spent over a week here. This year, the fields are all sporting a covering of grass.

We decided to cut across the dried grass and fern area of the Moor and stumbled across a decent sized Grass Snake. As it usually the way in these situations, it lay coiled up with its head slightly raised as I removed my camera from its bag. I removed the lens cap and pressed the on button. Before the lens was fully extended, the Snake was gone! The next warm morning I am free, I will be looking for more grass snakes in this area, and Adders.


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