Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Out and about.

June in the Midlands is a quiet time for birding. There are plenty of common species about, but surprises are thin on the ground. I decided I would check out a local Barn Owl nest on Sunday evening, Owls are a real favourite of mine.

For obvious reasons, I won't be giving the location out on the internet.

The light was poor this evening and the nest is in the 100 yards distant region. Combined with the fact the birds remained in cover, it made getting a picture difficult.

From what I could make out, it looks like two parent birds, one perched on the left, and if you look carefully, it looks like one above it. There is a very downy bird to the right, the oldest chick maybe? Another younger chick can be seen peering out of the nest box.


It made my day seeing this, so far successful brood. I hope to go back in better lighting conditions and hopefully get some better pictures.


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