Saturday, 21 June 2014

An hour on the river

Nothing new to report on the local birding front. As previously stated June is a slow one in the Midlands. I did walk along the river Anker early this morning. I heard quite a few young Tawny's calling. Initial signs seem to be that our local Tawny's may be having a successful breeding season. I hope this continues.

There has been a Little Owl sighted on my patch, not by be unfortunately, but I will keep an eye on the area in question.

I have travelled a little further afield to get my Barn Owls this year. Still local, but off my patch. No Barn Owl sightings on my patch so far this year? I fear my local patch Barn Owls didn't survive the last two wet breeding seasons. I hope this year is an improvement. It would be nice to see some of this years young Barn Owls setting up a territory in the now vacated areas of my patch. Time will tell.

A few Bullfinches were showing this morning. I haven't seen one for a while while they have been busy nesting and incubating. Impressive birds.

As the birding is quiet at the moment, I am feeling the urge to spend some of the summer chasing Chub on the local rivers. I walked the Tame this afternoon looking for likely spots to start a short Chub fishing campaign. There were plenty of common bird species about on the water.

Gulls are complicated to ID in their various plumages. I will take a stab at this one and say, Herring Gull, second Summer plumage. Gull ID and plumages are not a strong point of mine.

The local Canada's had set up a crèche and were ferrying the goslings along keeping them safe.

The local Squirrels were being brave. This lactating female grey was enjoying some Peanuts and even taking them from peoples hands. She must be enjoying the good grub on offer, it obviously takes its toll feeding young.

The partially leucistic Canada was also on the river this afternoon.

An interesting wander about, and I may have found a few likely looking spots to cast a line for a decent Chub or two?



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