Monday, 23 June 2014

Sunday Mornings

I always venture out early, somewhere local, on Sunday mornings. As the grass, nettles,and brambles are over waist high on the Moors at the moment, I decided to check out other local spots.

I ended up checking out a couple of Tame Valley pits to see what was about. I was very pleased to see an Oystercatcher on one of them. I have had flyovers before, but this pit is deep with very few shallow muddy areas. So an Oystercatcher grounded and feeding is a first for me on this venue.

I also stumbled across three Carp feeding in the margin. I watched them for easily ten minutes before they drifted off. It was difficult to photograph them through the glare without a polarising filter. This was the best I could manage.

They were the mornings highlights. The rest of the walk resulted in the usual sightings, still pleasing to see though.


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