Sunday, 8 June 2014

A Quiet Weekend

After the excitement of a Red Backed Shrike, the rest of the weekend was pretty slow. Friday evening I took a walk with Taz and Pete around the lanes at Alvecote. Not a lot to report.

There are plenty of Rabbits about enjoying the sunny snaps

Saturday morning Taz and I headed out early to avoid the forecast "worst storms in memory." We arrived back at the car as the thunder started to rumble and the skies darken. A few cracks of lightning, a torrential downpour lasting about five minutes, and that was it?

I popped into town and met up again with this strange looking Canada Goose. Not sure if it's just Pied, or if it would be classed as partially leucistic? Stands out in the flock though.

Stand out Canada


Later in the day I did visit Tameside, it was more flooded than I expected, but it allowed me to test my new birthday Wellies out. Muckboots the Muckmaster model. Comfy to walk in, and everything I have come to expect from this company. They kept me bone dry and had excellent grip.

Entrance to Tameside
A good test of the new Wellies


Tameside. A pair of a Gadwall


There were a few Damselflies showing themselves around Tameside, managed a couple of pictures.

Banded Demoiselle Damselfly (female)

Banded Demoiselle Damselfly

Sunday involved a wander around Dosthill reserve early morning. Plenty of Whitethroat about again.

Sunday evening Pete, Taz, and I met up with the lads at Kingsbury Water Park for a bit of birding and a chin wag. The birding was very quiet. High water levels meant any chance of a wading bird was slim. We didn't see any. It also looks like a few nests may have been lost to the rising water.

There is plenty to see, even on a quiet weekend. Hoping for a local patch surprise soon.



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