Thursday, 9 April 2015

Back to the Beginning

I decided to go back to where my interest in digiscoping was really triggered and that was Phonescoping. I had prior to this dabbled with digiscoping using a camera with very mixed results with the usual outcome being disappointment. I eventually gave it up as a bad job. The phonescoping started when I one day hand held my iPhone to the eyepiece of my scope to get a record shot of something I was looking at, the results surprised me and were much better than anything I had managed with my previous attempts using a camera to digiscope. I decided to take this further.

I made a couple of homemade adapters but they were not very robust and eventually fell apart, usually at the most inconvenient of times. I purchased a couple of adapters but didn’t get on with them for a variety of reasons. Then, I stumbled upon the Novagrade Adapter and never looked back. I cannot recommend this universal phonescoping adapter enough, it will adjust to fit most phones and scope eyepieces and only needs setting up once. Before you ask, I receive no financial gain from Novagrade adapters and purchased mine with my own hard earned. I recommend them purely based on my experience using one in the field on a regular basis for around the last 12 months.

Here is the Novagrade Adapter attached to my eyepiece.

IMG 7618

What many people don’t realise is, with most smartphone adapters you have to keep your phone in a dedicated phone case that attaches to the eyepiece adapter. This IS NOT the case with the Novagrade Adapter. You use your phone in its everyday protective case, straight out of your pocket. No swapping phone cases to go phonescoping. To me, this is massive plus point.

Then I just snap my phone into place, still in its everyday protective case.

IMG 7838

If you look back at my blog you will see I took some pictures I was very pleased with using this set-up. Then, I decided to try my hand at camera digiscoping again. I have been more successful this time around and enjoy using the camera, a Nikon P300 to digiscope with.

So, as I mentioned in my opening lines, today I removed the camera adapter from my scope and decided to go out with the Novagrade Adapter, I had forgotten just how much fun this style of digiscoping is, I had an enjoyable few hours this morning and again this afternoon. I have taken some pictures I am really pleased with and include some of them here.

From this morning.






And a few from this afternoon.




I feel these may well be some of the best digiscoped pictures I have taken this year, and all with my phone, I also had a lot of fun doing it.

Now I want to try a different smartphone, just to see how I get on with something other than an iPhone. It will give me the opportunity to show how the Novagrade Adapter adjusts for different phones. Mrs Moocher has a HTC One M8 phone its much bigger than my iPhone 5. I want to take it digiscoping! She seems reluctant to let it out of her sight, so the digiscoping will either be a bit of back garden birding or, I will convince her to come birding and obviously bring her phone along. Looking forward to this.

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