Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Local and A little bit further.

A Yellow Rumped Warbler had me travelling to Durham. I drove there in the early hours, slept a couple of hours in the car, and had myself strategically placed to view this Mega rarity before sunrise. The bird had been reported at some makeshift feeders set up by the RSPB everyday for the last three weeks. I felt this was a "sure thing" and anticipated sunrise and getting the tick.

It was bitterly cold, I had watched the temperature gauge of the car steadily dropping as I headed further North. Stood here in the biting breeze, I was feeling it. 9am and still no sign! I headed back to the car for more clothes and a hot drink. With that sorted, I headed back to the feeding station. It wasn't to be, eight hours later I started the 170 mile drive home. No sightings today. Checking on Tuesday, and still no sightings. As I write this it is Wednesday. Three clear days with no reported sightings. I would think the most likely reason for its absence is predation! Hope I'm wrong.

170 Miles to home.

Tuesday found me and Jon slipping and sliding our way through the mud at Middleton RSPB. Both of us did very well to stay on our feet, with us both suffering a couple of "near misses!" We found the two pairs of Stonechat that have been there for a few weeks now, and attempted to photograph them. I did some digiscoping using my iPhone and also had a go with my Canon SX40.

Digiscoped using iPhone 4S
Canon SX40
Canon SX40

Really beautiful birds, and a good local tick.

Mud! mud! glorious mud.

Unless a real rarity is reported, I will wait until Middleton dries up a little before my next visit.


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