Friday, 21 February 2014

The Elusive Brambling

It seems strange that with some of the birding rarities I have seen, I had still not seen a Brambling. They, along with Lesser Spotted Woodpecker have been my "bogey" birds. The Lesser Spotted has now been sorted, but Brambling just keep on evading me. Today, I intended putting that right.

I set off for Cannock Chase this morning with the intention of locating a Brambling. I parked the car, got my kit together, and Taz and I set off. About 100 yards later, there were four Brambling sat bold as brass in a hawthorn tree feeding on the berries. What a result!

The pressure was now off and I enjoyed a casual walk on the Chase with Taz. There were plenty of Bullfinch around this morning, and the males looked particularly good in the morning sunshine.

I also spotted a Brambling again, not sure if it was one of the original four I saw. It was distant, but I managed a few record shots.

Cracking Male Bullfinch


Cannock Chase


A cracking way to end my holiday. Now I need to clean the inside of the car, Taz and I have made a right mess of it between us this week.


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