Thursday, 20 February 2014

Staying Local - Warks Moors

I didn't write much for a week or two, now this is my third entry in as many days? Guess it's having extra time on my hands as I'm on holiday for a week.

Took Taz over Warkwickshire Moors (which are now in Staffordshire!) for a wander about. It was nice to be able to get back in the fields that have been under water for a couple of weeks now. The river Anker is completely back in its banks and hopefully will stay there for a while.

Some cracking looking Yellowhammers around this morning, but still no sign of any Linnets. There were loads of Black Headed Gulls in the fields that until a few days ago were still too waterlogged to walk over. One of the winter crop fields had twenty one Mute Swans grazing in it. Over by the cattle drink on the river was the Whooper/Mute Hybrid. I always enjoy crossing paths with this bird. It's been around the Anker Valley for a few years now.

I spent a lot of time this morning studying old gnarly oak trees. I was kind of hoping to find a Little Owl on the patch. I intend actively looking in likely looking trees rather than just hoping to stumble across one. I think I may concentrate a bit more on Owls this year.

Wandering around the fields

On the way back to the car, I took a different route. I decided to check out the Badger Sett and see how it had fared with the all the flooding. The sett looked fine and showed signs of activity. Taz was very interested in the obviously fresh and strong scent around the sett. There was also plenty of bedding out being aired.

Bedding being aired

Once the weather improves a little I am going to spend a night or two Badger watching here. Maybe I can combine it with a bit of Owl location?


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