Sunday, 23 February 2014

Back for a Brambling

I decided that I needed to return to Cannock Chase and attempt to get myself a better Brambling picture. I took some feed to lure them in closer in the hope of better photographic results.

Sunrise hadn't happened yet, so it was still dull and overcast. It showed little sign of improving. I briefly noticed a Brambling on the feed I had put down and readied myself. With large aperture, slow shutter speed and high ISO, I did my best. The camera was even struggling to focus at times in the poor light.

I took loads of pictures, none were great. Here are my best Brambling shots, and an opportunistic Nuthatch that put in an appearance.

Better than I managed last time, so not a total waste of time.

By 8.40, Cannock Chase was crawling with Lycra clad mountain bikers. More were arriving every minute. I decided, enough was enough and headed back to car.


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