Monday, 13 July 2015

Red-Footed Falcon Staffordshire

When a Red-footed falcon was reported at Chatterley Whitfield, Stoke on Trent on Thursday the 9th of July, I was interested. When it was still being reported on Sunday the 12th and considering some of the excellent pictures I had seen of this gorgeous falcon, I couldn't resist it anymore and set off to check it out myself.

I took the new Novagrade Standard smartphone adapter with me intending to put it through its paces "in the field," so to speak.

The bird gave great views coming close enough to delight all the photographers. The only sound to be heard whenever the bird moved was a barrage of rapidly firing shutters from behind the artillery battery of massive lenses. I set up my iPhone5 on the universal adapter, pointed my scope in the same direction as the other lenses and attempted to get some record shots myself.

IMG 9952
IMG 0213
IMG 0303
IMG 0331
IMG 9739
IMG 9741
IMG 9592
 A very enjoyable Sunday afternoon, with a bonus Black Redstart thrown in for good measure. Incidentally, this was my first Black Redstart, it's one of my "If you had been here 5 minutes earlier......" Birds.

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