Friday, 22 August 2014

Kingfisher Phonescoped.

Sometimes an opportunity presents itself and you try and capture the moment. When a Kingfisher crossed my path and started fishing, I trained the scope of it, attached the iPhone and started taking pictures and some video.
A few people have asked what software I use to edit my pictures, so I thought I would mention what I usually do.
All of my photo and video editing is done on my ipad. I like to keep things straightforward and simple. The majority of my editing is done using iPhoto for pictures, and iMovie for video. There are some other Apps I use, and I will mention these in a moment.
I was very pleased with these results from my phone on what was a rather overcast day.
I also on occasion use an APP called Stillshot, which allows you to capture stills from any video you may have taken. It's a great was of capturing a record shot of small birds that just won't sit still and pose for the camera. The still captures are not the same resolution as pictures from the camera, but they produce a record that displays well online. I took some video footage with the iPhone of this Kingfisher. Here are a few stills I grabbed from the footage using Stillshot.
I use these video captures as stills for the title scenes of my videos as shown below.
It is best viewed in You Tube directly, it doesn't seem to play in HD when viewed via my blog. Click Here
Phonescoping quickly becomes addictive.

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