Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Local Luck

I always enjoy stumbling across Spotted Flycatchers. They really are great birds to watch, flitting off their perch, catching airborne insects, and then, often alighting back on their favoured fly hunting perch again.

In the past few weeks I have seen Spotted Flycatchers in various locations on my travels. There have been a fair few around, but then, late August early September is a good time to look for them. I was very pleased to have my first ever recording of Spotted Flycatchers at one of my local patches last week. Not one, but three Spotted Fly's, and they hung about for a few days.

This morning however I went looking around Alvecote where I know some Spot Fly's have been for a while, in the hope of maybe getting a picture. I took the scope along and even though it was overcast and spotting with rain, I hoped for the best.

I was lucky and found two around the hedgerows.

I attached the phone to my scope and took a few snaps.









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